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Posted by theamazingjamez - October 31st, 2017

OH MY GOSH GUYS you should download for FREE my album of hastily written, recorded, and mixed music A SONG FOR ALL SEASONS I'm posting some of the tracks here on NG for y'all to enjoy but for the FULL EXPERIENCE you should go to the link below to download all the musics FREE OF CHARGE! Wow! Oh, boy! I am exciiiiiiiited! Go ahead and lemme know what you think, and thanks for listening!



A Song for all Seasons

Posted by theamazingjamez - March 13th, 2017

Oh, well. Never mind about one story a week. School takes precedence, and then social life, which is scant enough anyhow. So, that's that. I've been working on a screenplay, but it is yet not finished. Break is coming up, so I will try to post something then on the good ol' Forum. 

Till then...

Posted by theamazingjamez - October 1st, 2012

In light of the upcoming election and the second Movie Jam, I made a short cartoon about a political debate. Check it out, for some fun and political yak-yak!

Posted by theamazingjamez - August 6th, 2012

Check out my new song entitled "Werk It" here! It was inspired by the famous "Werk It Kid" Photo. Also, make sure you listen to BOB 2012!

Werk It is here!

Posted by theamazingjamez - June 29th, 2012

Check out my remake of my early song "I Gotz The Beat" here!

Posted by theamazingjamez - June 29th, 2012

Someone please pick me!

Posted by theamazingjamez - June 21st, 2012

This is a surreal humor poem that i wrote and i thought i would share it with everyone! Here is the original thread


The following poem may contain offensive material that may or may not be appropriate for children under the age of zero.

Thank you for wasting your precious time reading this useless introduction.


By theamazingjamez

There once was a boy who went by Todd.

Todd was a boy who was quite odd.

He loved fast food from Famished Lee's

Despite its highly caustic properties.

So Todd was on his way to Famished Lee's

To eat a burger with caustic properties,

When along came a big, fat brute

Who (a bit rudely) let out a large toot.

"Hey, you yeah you, where you going?" said the guy.

"I'm going Famished Lee's," Todd said with a twinkle in his eye.

Then the fat guy suddenly wore an evil grin.

Took a deep breath and said to him...

NOTE: The following stanza has been censored.

If you had read it, you'd gasp, "Oh, Lord!"

Google "Bad Words" if you're really that bored,

But, for now, a censor has had this stanza censored.

Todd was still reeling from the fat guy's censure,

And I'm telling you right now it was not a pretty picture.

Even worse was the fact that the guy put him in a trash bin.

Unfortunately, this was true, much to Todd's chagrin.

As Todd hopped out of the bin,

He met a girl who was a bit of a charlatan.

She claimed to have superpowers, which distracted Todd, no doubt,

And led him along a circuitous route.

Now, before Todd, walked anymore,

He realized that he was farther than he had ever been before.

Indeed, he had, gotten off track just a smidge,

Because now he was in front of a troll bridge

Now, Todd, being smart, was rather circumspect

Especially since he was in a story where he chronically gets wrecked.

This was a situation he would have to circumvent.

Why was he in chronic danger wherever he went?

Now, that girl we talked about before, she wasn't clandestine

And she honestly thought she was a super heroine,

So she charged the troll under the bridge with supposed superhuman might

And the troll just snapped his jaws and ate her with one bite.

Now with Todd the troll was worse.

Todd he did coerce.

"Rob a bank for me," said he,

And Todd could not help but agree.

Due to the troll being cogent by baring his teeth,

A terrible sin on Todd's soul the troll did bequeath

Thus, Todd was forced to rob a bank,

An act that was rather rank.

So Todd went to the Bank of the West

But he just couldn't bring himself to the test

So he went to the police to explain his plight

And the whole force went to arrest the troll on sight

But suddenly the police chief turned rather glum.

He said, "I'm afraid this title isn't compatible with this poem.

If we don't fix it, we'll meet an awful fate."

"I know how to fix it," said the troll. "Can we collaborate?"

"Mr. Chief," said Todd. "Why can't we leave it alone?

Nobody will notice." The chief began to moan.

"What will happen Todd, if we just leave it alone?

I'm afraid the whole universe will implode."

"But Mr. Chief," said Todd. "Surely, that can't be right.

That only happens in the stories that one nerdy teen writes."

"I wish that were true," said the chief. "But, unfortunately,

To be concise, this could be the end for both you and me."

Okay, now I'm kind of mad because

My own main character just dissed me. I mean,

I bet no one cares! That complacent little... Anyway,

For now I am going to write

This poem in free verse, which basically

Means you write normally and press enter

At random places. Ahh, the

Humanity! Anyway, so, after this frightful

Turn of events, the troll said,

"We're going to have to confront

The author and tell him to change it." The others

Agreed. Then, after a brief silence, Todd

Said, "How the heck are we going

To do that?" Unfortunately, no one

Had an answer. So, they sat

Around, coming up with conjectures

And discarding them. Meanwhile, the end

Of the universe loomed overhead.

This went on until a rookie officer

(This was his first assignment, and it

Was disappointing him), out of frustration,

Looked out and yelled, "Can you just

Change the title?" Well! Someone finally figured

It out! Took you guys long enough

To arrange this confrontation, eh?

"Well," said the police chief.

"Do it already, you nerd!"

Whoa! Ahem, no, just for that,

I will not! You people are very

Rude! I should let your universe

Implode, and good riddance, too! Humph!

"Will you do it, please?" said the troll very

Politely. All right! Manners,

Everyone! Manners matter!

Especially on Manners Matter Monday!

All right, I'll change it. Now the title

Looks like this:


And finally the problem went.

And for the remainder of the poem,

I will write in Haikus.

The characters were very happy.

They all decided to celebrate with food.

They went to Famished Lee's.

Todd went home well fed.

The police force died of caustic hamburgers.

The Troll was condoned.

This is the poem's end.

I hope you liked it a lot.

Now go home and sleep


Posted by theamazingjamez - May 19th, 2012

Hello, everyone. Jamez here. I'd like to talk to you about my new song Memories, and why I uploaded it. My cousin Conner was born in the year 2005, with a condition called Down Syndrome. I'm sure you are familiar with it. This is picture here. Conner died on May 19 2011, exactly one year ago. I am uploading the song Memories in memory of Conner. So please, in the comments, tell Conner's family that you are wishing them happiness in these very hard times.
Thanks, Jamez

In Memory of Conner